Chocolate and Peanut Vegan Energy Balls

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Energy Balls
~12 Servings
Per Serving | 119 Cals | 3g Protein | 13g Carbs | 6.5g Fat

These energy balls are are perfect snack for a quick energy boost or as a pre-workout snack. They're also decadent enough to double up as a dessert - win win!

They're simple to make, a source of protein and healthy fat, cheaper than ready-made alternatives and contain only 3 plant-based ingredients.

It helps to have a decent blender for the nuts, if you don't have one just sub the nuts for pre-made nut butter, or just take your time blending the nuts and not let your blender over heat. If it starts getting hot and making a terrible screeching sound its probably a sign to stop! (I speak from experience and two blenders later…)

For this recipe I use almonds, but I also make these with peanuts or a mixture of different nuts. Just use what you like best - it's all zen!

Sometimes I add a sprinkle of cinnamon and if I’m feeling extra fancy I will decorate them by rolling in icing sugar, cocoa powder or ground nuts.

Happy baking!



  • 100g Almonds
  • 200g Dates (Medjool are best)
  • 50g Cocoa (or cocoa nibs)


  • Blender
  • Mixing Bowl


  • Blend almonds until smooth
  • Add cocoa podwer and dates to the blender
  • Blend well
  • Split mixture into 12 portions
  • Form into balls
  • Store in a airtight container in a cool dry place

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Happy baking!

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Happy cooking

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